Black Art

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Formed late 2011, Black Art are a 4 piece pissed off punk and roll band, from the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Renowned for their hard hitting live show, hectic touring schedule, good sense of humour and party-like anthems Black Art have torn venues apart, both up and down the UK, and throughout mainland Europe, creating a strong and loyal army of fans. Black Art are 4 lads who put their blood, sweat and tears into the band with their intentions being, to step it up every time. Their songs tell stories of their lives and what is today, there is nothing fake about Black Art, what you see is what you get. The band have toured UK and EU extensively sharing stages with bands such as Polar, 68′, Feed The Rhino, Desolated, Palm Reader, The Catharsis and Bastions and  have already recorded 3 hard hitting EP’s and a split with Surrender The Coast in their short time as a band.


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They’re the Liverpudlian quartet celebrated by the likes of Kerrang!, DIY and BBC Introducing, and armed with sophomore EP ‘Antecedence’, F.O.E.S prove worthy of the praise.

Two years from their inception – arising from the collective ashes of local Merseyside outfits – F.O.E.S emerge bolder, bigger and beardier than before. Lead single ‘Rival Thrones’ captures the post-punk/progressive-rock nous so effortlessly displayed on debut offering ‘Ophir’ – a work hailed “cinematic, dramatic and brilliant” (Kerrang!); “ambitious and grand” (Rock Sound); “extremely accomplished” (AltSounds).

While their stadium-sized hooks and frenetic rhythmic textures are undeniable, not forgetting the steadfast vocal of Chris Mackrill, it is perhaps the band’s underlying ethos that sets them apart. “I’d say we all have very similar tastes and ambitions regarding music,” explains guitarist Joe Danher. “We’ve always wanted to make music with integrity.”

And despite having shared the stage with the likes of 36 Crazyfists, Hacktivist and The Icarus Line (and an almost-gig at Windamere’s Hells Angels), F.O.E.S ain’t about to be boxed in with their hard rock contemporaries. Don’t be fooled by their bushy exteriors; behind the facial hair, they’re just a bunch of Liverpool lads with a dark penchant for power pop.

“Prog rock can be self indulgent at times, so we try our best to retain some sort of wider appeal to the music,” Danher says. The sentiment isn’t lost on bass guitarist Josh Catchpole, who divulges a little further: “I really like Belinda Carlisle’s album ‘Runaway Horses’. Not even ironically…” It all starts getting really interesting when Joe identifies his second cousin as none other than Kanye West protégé Paul McCartney (formerly of The Beatles)… but that’s another story.




I Cried Wolf

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Oxfordshire’s five-piece hurricane I Cried Wolf (Crooked Noise Records) bring you quirky, distinctive music hitting the boundaries of alternative rock, metal, and hardcore with force. With influences such as: Faith No More, Bring Me The Horizon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Van Halen. It’s safe to say they’re coming from a strong direction.!

I Cried Wolf will be releasing their explosive five-track EP ‘Hollow Heart’ this year. Produced by Sam Winfield (Bring Me The Horizon, Dry The River), the EP is rich with anthemic vocal lines, killer groove, and a smorgasbord of unique riffs. Lead vocalist Harry Davies explains that Hollow Heart is about his life and his reluctance to let go of the past, of loss, lust, and betrayal. Oh! And writer’s block!!

The band have settled on the strongest line-up to date, with former bandmates Louie Hodgson and Alex Gibbons taking guitar duties, founding members Oli Hampshire and Harry Davies remain the heart of the group with bassist Jacob Rudman bringing his signature performance style. ‘Kenopsia’, the first single from the EP was released through Metal Mouth last year, it has been described as “A punch in the face from start to finish”. The video for Kenopsia has racked up over 3,000 views in the last three months.!

I Cried Wolf have gained a strong following through their local scene, having supported bands like Bleed From Within, Hacktivist, and Press to Meco and from hitting the road with: Create To Inspire, Let’s talk Daggers, and Surrender the coast to plug this upcoming release.!

2015 will see them continue their lust for touring to promote the new release, and to mark their place on the underground scene. They have already booked tours with established bands such as: Death Remains, Red Seas Fire, and Bad Sign and festival appearances with acts like Dead Harts and The Catharsis.


Management: Kieron McCarthy –

Lock & Key

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Lock & Key formed in late 2013 by members Richard Lardner, Danny Reeves, Ben Wright and Josh Murphy. Following a near-death illness from vocalist Richard Lardner, Lock & Key was created from a collaboration of like-minded musicians from around the UK.

Lock & Key create relatable material through experiences of the band members which are both lyrically and musically evocative. The first single “So Alone” was released in February 2014. The band started to rapidly gain interest from fans around the world and by May 2014 the band had already toured the UK and Europe.

Whilst still in their infancy, Lock & Key have already shared the stage with the likes of Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward, Funeral For A Friend and many more.


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V / V E G A

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Set aside your perspective of contemporary progressive music. V / V E G A are a band that work tirelessly at not only mastering their live show, but at pushing the boundaries of modern alternative music.

Since playing their first show in June 2014, they have worked endlessly, racking up an impressive number of shows whilst writing and recording their next milestone release inbetween. V / V E G A Seemlessly blend hard hitting riffs with melodic ambience to create a sound that doesn’t conform to your typical underground metal act.

Listening to V / V E G A’s debut release ‘Nostalgia’, it’s difficult to draw comparisons from their peers, and with their next EP they have cemented themselves as a truly unique offering in a world where artists are struggling to stand out.

Having gained a lot of attention from their debut EP, the sky is the limit for their next record.